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Re: [groff] PDF problems - see attached file

From: P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia
Subject: Re: [groff] PDF problems - see attached file
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 09:45:11 -0500

At 11:48 p.m. 21/05/2002 -0400, Robert D. Goulding wrote:
Dear Larry - Thanks.  I've just installed GNU gs 6.53 (three versions of
ghostscript in one night....) and, as you and others have told me, a
groff-produced ps file distills beautifully into a pdf.  So the problem
does seem to be with some conflict between grops and the 7.x ghostscript
series.  (I hope someone out there using a 7.x gs can confirm to me that
this problem exists on their machine as well).

Yes. It does. I've tested distilling the file with JawsPDF 2.1.1, Distilller 5.0.5 and GS 7.04. The problem appears with gs 7.04 but not with the other two applications, which use completely different algorithms to produce the PDF, btw. I conclude the bug is in GS's interpreter, because the postscript file contains references to the ligature glyphs yet, they are being, apparently, replaced by artificial composites.

I'd suggest you file a report at SourceForge's bug tracker.


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