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Re: [Groff] ch07.t edit

From: Heinz-Jürgen Oertel
Subject: Re: [Groff] ch07.t edit
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 20:42:38 +0200

Hi meg
back from vacation I took a look at it.
Thanks for your remarks, I'll send it back to you.
There seems a general problem with your groff installation. For me
using .RS/.RE for intending the tables works very well and I think
it's the better solution than simply .in x (or even .in \n(PI )
The results are sent in an email to you.

Best regards

Am Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2002 08:52 schrieb Meg McRoberts:
> I am attaching edit comments for ch07.t .  Michael, I know you said you
> wanted just proofreading for content -- which seems to be in pretty good
> shape -- but I did find a couple glaring formatting problems that I noted.
> Vis a vis an earlier discussion, this chapter has some tbl's surrounded
> with .RS/.RE, I think in an attempt to get them indented but not centered.
> Alas, this seems to prevent the tbl from formatting at all.  I tried
> replacing this with the .in +5n/.in -5n that Jon suggested and the tbl's
> work fine.
> meg
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