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[Groff] preparing for nroff vrs html output?

From: groff
Subject: [Groff] preparing for nroff vrs html output?
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:51:36 -0800

I'm trying to create a groff document using -ms that will format correctly for 
postscript, nroff, and html output. The problem is that html.tmac uses 
".nroff", so any nroff-specific formatting is included in addition to 
instructions that should only apply to HTML output.

For example, I'd like to format a list in a different way, depending on the 

        .if t .IP "\s-2\(bu\s+2"
        .if n .IP "*" 1i
        .if '\*[.T]'html' .LI
        List element 1

This works fine for troff or nroff output. However, for html output, I get an
extra <P> due to the ".if n" test, before the <LI> begins.

Any suggestions?

Mark Bergman   

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