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[Groff] Re: Old *roff utilities - found a diffmk, any checkmm?

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: [Groff] Re: Old *roff utilities - found a diffmk, any checkmm?
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 21:45:32 -0500

Noone seemed real interested in checkmm when I brought it up in July
so I didn't pursue it.  But I just sent mail to a buddy who is still
on the inside at SCO (it's a very small, select group) to see if he
knows where the source is and if they would like to donate it to us.

Thanks for picking that up. IIRC we were really in the thick of getting
UTP put together last July, so I never did get a chance to ask you about
following up on your offer. But with the last leg under way, I'm starting
to think about what else should go with the book (think of a companion
CD for a dead-tree version). The major apps like groff, awk, vi(m), and
sed are widely available, as well as goodies like ispell that weren't around
when the original book was published, and I'd simply link to their home
pages. But lesser-known (but useful) utilities like diffmk and checkmm,
as well as some I've likely forgotten at the moment, are difficult to come
by these days. I'd like to dig up replacements & make them available

Part of my problem here is that I'm completely ignorant about what
utilities DWB came with. Googling didn't produce a complete list; I
found partial lists of the major components & those are already
either part of groff (mm, pic, etc) or are available from or
other sources (awk, sed, style & diction). I'd have never learned about
diffmk or checkmm without reading (or working on, as the case may
be) UTP.

But that might answer one of my questions... where DWB ended up.
If SCO has it... well, at least *someone* does. Given SCO's recent
desire to license their UNIX software, and the wild rumors muddying
the issue, I'd like to have something on paper if they do release the
code though.

Thanks again,


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