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Re: [Groff] OT [= Old Thread ..!]: PDF problems - see attached file

From: Bernhard Fisseni
Subject: Re: [Groff] OT [= Old Thread ..!]: PDF problems - see attached file
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 21:47:49 +0200
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Hi Ted,

Scripsit Ted Harding die 28/09/2003 (15:37 +0100):

> I see this problem was discussed back in May 2002:
> (et seq.)
> Namely, that in distilling groff's PS output to PDF using ps2pdf
> from the Ghostscript 7.* series, there were rendering problems.
> Specifically, in that query, ligature characters came out with
> what can be described a wrong kerning (too much, or too little,
> space following the characters; and this seemd to occur after the
> break from page 1 to page 2.

For me, the problem was solved when I used epstopdf (a gs wrapper script
by Sebastian Rahtz distributed e.g. with teTeX) with gs 7; I noticed
that ps2pdf does not include the Times PS fonts (I only noticed the
problem with Times) into the PS file (the file is much smaller than
the file generated by epstopdf).  Since I updated to gs 8.11 some
weeks ago, ps2pdf seems to include the fonts, and ligatures are nice in
acroread and gv (but also much bigger, as I only groff rather short

I thought the problem is related to the fact that gs ships with a Times
equivalent and acroread with Times New Roman (which must be used to
display the PDF files generated by gs if the font is not included). (I
think, viewing the PDF files with gv, ligatures looked okay.)

However, this is not what P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia and the other
participants in the discussion say, etc.,

and I'm definitely not a PS or groff expert.


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