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[Groff] Re: Broken chars

From: Mike FABIAN
Subject: [Groff] Re: Broken chars
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 08:51:05 +0100
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Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> さんは書きました:

>> Aah, sorry, I've changed the `bv' mapping in later groff versions
>> (U+2502 is wrong).
> BTW, I've just read the XFree 4.5.0 release notes, and I've found this
> item regarding xterm:
>   Add translation to ASCII of commonly-used characters that groff
>   translates to Unicode, when the font in use does not provide the
>   corresponding glyphs.
> This seems to solve (some of) the problems.

Usually the fonts do have the glyphs.  The problem is more with
searching and with cut and paste.  If you see a command line in a man
page, you may be tempted to paste it into a terminal to try it out. If
the command line contains an option like "foo -bar" it is very
surprising if it doesn't work just because the hyphen has not been
rendered as the ASCII hyphen by groff.

This may be the fault of the man-page source of course, all stuff
which may be cutted and pasted somewhere should be verbatim, which
includes all command line options in man-pages in my opinion.

But apparently many man-pages (not only the perl ones) do not do that

Mike FABIAN   <address@hidden>

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