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[Groff] slack4, groff and ps

From: mikkel meinike
Subject: [Groff] slack4, groff and ps
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 19:55:18 +0000

I have a very small and old laptop computer with a very small and
wonderful linux on it called Basiclinux 3.0. I have for some time bin
looking for some word processing program. That can output good looking
postscript (pdf) file. Abiword won't run on my VGA monitor and TeX is
way to big and complex and I don't even do any mathematic. OK my local
lug advice my to try with groff *roff. So now I am here. First I 'd
like to know if you know if the groff packages that is in Slackware
4.0 can convert to postscript. (also with the Danish letters æ, ø,
å)(I can install slackware 4.0 packages to Basiclinux 3.0)


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