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[Groff] Re: Would I dare to post here?

From: Manas Laha
Subject: [Groff] Re: Would I dare to post here?
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 11:16:24 +0530
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Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden> wrote:

Mhmm, please bear in mind that many posters don't have English as a
mother tongue and that a post which should have a neutral sound gets a
harsh tone due to lacking language abilities.

I agree with Werner there. Most non-native users of English (and I am one) tend to think in their native language and then translate into English for the purpose of writing. Usage that is polite in one language and/or culture may be offensive in another. Perhaps the best we can do is to ask that both posters and readers keep this in mind.

Also, the person who posted the message which caused all these others _may be_ new to the world of mailing lists and netiquette. At least he appears to be new to this list. In which case I hope he has learnt his lesson for the day!

I also hope that both Zvezdan Petkovic and D. E. Evans and continue to actively participate on this list.

- Manas Laha

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