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Re: [Groff] Drawing filled circle segments

From: Clarke Echols
Subject: Re: [Groff] Drawing filled circle segments
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 03:02:11 -0600

I solved my problem for now by changing my approach to the pie
chart and using solid color for the circle, then I filled one
small segment by drawing short, straight lines a few points wide
before drawing over the entire thing with an outer dark circle
and the various radii.  It works well for what I need right
now, but the macro approach makes sense provided groff supports
sine, cosine, and tangent functions...

I'm getting some really awesome looking slides, though they're
a bit laborious -- mainly because I haven't taken the trouble
to try to come up with more elegant macros which I really
don't need all that badly.  The ones I have cover much of
the tedium.

Thanks for your inputs, all.


Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> > I need to use drawing requests (\D'...') directly (without
> > using PIC) to make pie-chart segments that can be filled with
> > color.
> This isn't possible directly in groff (nor it is possible directly
> with pic).  It is not too difficult to write a macro which constructs
> the segment itself with \D'l...' and \D'a...', but there's no way to
> fill it.  The only solution is to approximate the segment with a
> filled polygon.
> Let's see what Ted will cook :-)
>     Werner

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