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[Groff] Re: [Fwd: pdfmark troubles]

From: Keith MARSHALL
Subject: [Groff] Re: [Fwd: pdfmark troubles]
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 14:28:37 +0000

Zvezdan Petkovic wrote:
> When I get some time, I'll take a careful look at pdfroff
> script and see how I can incorporate it in my set of Makefiles.
> They work with -mm (because of gpresent files), -ms, -me, and
> even (La)TeX.
> I pass from time to time -U option to be able to input pieces
> of source code files using sed in .pso request.
> All this is accomplished through the predefined variables for
> groff options.  I have to see how pdfroff works with them.

pdfroff accepts *all* groff options, in addition to a few special
ones of its own.  All the standard ones are passed transparently
to groff, in each pass; the only exception is -T dev, which will
force an abort, if dev != ps.

I think you should be able to just s/groff/pdfroff/ at the
appropriate points in your Makefiles, and so save yourself a lot
of leg work.  Do note however, that pdfroff emits PDF directly,
without saving the intermediate PostScript output, so it will
only be appropriate for PDF targets, and ps2pdf isn't needed.

Best regards,

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