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Re: [Groff] unicode support - where to compose?

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Groff] unicode support - where to compose?
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 08:53:38 +0100 (CET)

> > When an input file contains the character <U+1EBF>, preconv
> > transforms it to \[u1EBF], and troff transforms it to a single
> > glyph u0065_0302_0301. Fine.
> >
> > But when an input file contains the characters
> > <U+0078><U+0302><U+0301>, preconv transforms it to
> > x\[u0302]\[u0301], and troff produces three distinct glyphs x,
> > u0302, u0301. This is wrong.
> "Fine", "wrong" - may be the answer is "it depends" (on the
> availability of the precomposed glyph in the font)?

Since groff relies on AFM files I don't see a problem.  Programs which
convert, say, TrueType fonts to PFA (like FontForge) normally don't
use the `CC' command of AFM files to set up composite glyphs.

Independently of this I think I think it would be a nice idea to
extend afmtodit so that it supports `CC' (and `PCC').  This means

  a) a new section in the DESC file, simply outputting those lines in
     a suitable format (maybe even verbatim).

  b) extending the DESC handling code of libgroff to install a handler
     fot the new section.

  c) Make grops read those lines and emitting proper glyph definitions
     in a (new?) dictionary of the output file.

  d) Make all other devices ignore this section.

Do you want to work on this?  On the other hand, it's probably not
worth the trouble since AFM files with `CC' directives are rare (and
AFM is dying out anyway).


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