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RE: [Groff] Survey on Document Creation Software

From: Ted Harding
Subject: RE: [Groff] Survey on Document Creation Software
Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 13:52:09 +0100 (BST)

On 02-May-06 Robert Marks wrote:
> groff/troff/nroff is languishing even against KOffice and GNOME
> Office (AbiWord etc), at only 2% (37 votes). We're not going to knock
> off TeX, but surely readers of this list are more numerous than that!
> Go to
> to vote for your favourite.

Well, with 52 votes just now [3%], groff now weighs in at No 3
(after OpenOffice with 878 [53%] and TeX with 507 [31%]), if one
excludes "Other Commercial".

Best wishes to all,

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