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Re: [Groff] call for comments on a proposed patch

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: Re: [Groff] call for comments on a proposed patch
Date: 22 Jun 2006 10:50:17 +0100
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Hi Werner,

> > >   . What's the reason for changing the ms code?  It's probably a
> > >     showstopper if users have to change their macro packages just to
> > >     get colour support in tables...
> >
> > Yes true, I hope to modify most macro sets in the same way to -ms.
> > [...]
> I have a big problem here.  Remember that tables created with tbl even
> work if .TS and .TE are undefined.  I can't accept an extension which
> needs those two macros defined somehow.  Please try to find a solution
> which avoids that dependency.  You probably have to extend the macros
> defined by tbl directly.

yes, true.. thats fine and sensible - I'll try and restrict the
changes to tbl and avoid macro set modifications.


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