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Re: [Groff] Status of the portability work, and plans for the future

From: Gunnar Ritter
Subject: Re: [Groff] Status of the portability work, and plans for the future
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 00:50:19 +0100
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"Eric S. Raymond" <address@hidden> wrote:

> You skipped a step.  You have a good point about calling up manual
> pages within an editor, but not all character-cell displays are
> equivalent; it doesn't follow from this that man(1) through xterm has
> any value that lynx(1) through xterm wouldn't.  I'll be interested to
> see if you can make that argument, especially since Gunnar ducked it.
> Until somebody meets that challenge, I'll stick with my diagnosis of 
> arrested development.

There is no challenge. This is a talk about preferences,
and I ultimately do not care if you do not like mine.

> It's not one I make casually -- I've been thinking
> *hard* about Unix UI, from a position deep within Unix culture, for
> half a decade now.

I also do not care about swaggering.

When you started this discussion, I was under the
impression that you wanted to do development - to
correct certain problems you found with some manual
pages. I have supported that. But now I find that
it was rather a preparation for this evangelism,
and it makes me turn away in disgust.

Besides that your idea of letting man pop up a
browser window still makes me laugh, especially if
it is accompanied by statements about Unix culture.


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