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Re: [Groff] chess font?

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: Re: [Groff] chess font?
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 17:53:16 -0500
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Gaius Mulley <address@hidden>:
> I suspect the .SCRIPT-INPUT-BEGIN .SCRIPT-INPUT-END could be
> implemented as macros which map onto a similar escape technique as the
> suppression escapes \O etc.  In any event the obvious advantage to
> this approach is that one can harness the ability of a scripting
> language to manipulate raw text rather than fight .tr et al and
> diversions.  It would also mean one could distribute filters hidden
> inside macro sets.  Potentially with mechanisms such as swig it might
> be possible for, say Python to import more runtime information from
> the troff parent.  Which would be fun - and _might_ enable easier
> experimentation with micro typography to take place, possibly.  Or you
> could include the knights tour program inside the troff source.
> Of course this could all be regarded as several steps too far :-)

I like it.  But it's overkill for chess typetting; with a font consisting
of 25 constant-width piece-on-square images you could do .CS/.CE with
two trivial macros, .CS being a wrapper arounfd a .tr statement.
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