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Re: [Groff] gxditview question

From: Tadziu Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [Groff] gxditview question
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 12:09:12 +0100
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> I small point: I've noted that `gxditview' (the same holds for
> `xditview') does not recognize any user input (keyboard or
> mouse) as long as the mouse cursor is in the 'decoration
> frame' provided by the window manager or in the bottom line
> (where the page number is displayed) of the gxditview display.
> for one, this seems in contrast to the behaviour of nearly
> everything else (except `xditview'). more important it gets in
> the way when you change focus to the `gxditview' window via
> the keyboard (at least with the `ion3' window manager (you
> like `vi' for editing? than you should try that one!) each
> focus change via the keyboard positions the mouse cursor into
> the title bar and one is forced to move it into the window to
> use `gxditview'.  that somehow neutralizes the advantage of
> navigating the different windows via the keyboard.

I think I'll stick with gwm.

> obvious question: is someone smart enough (I'm not...) to see
> whether making `gxditview' behave in the usual way (allow
> navigation as soon as the window gets focus: `gv' and `xpdf',
> `xterm', `rxvt', for instance, do that) would be a trivial
> change to the source or difficult?

You can fix it without changing the source at all:

 1. Find the application defaults file "".

 2. Make a copy of the block beginning with
    change "GXditview.paned.viewport.dvi.translations" to
    "GXditview.paned.translations", and edit the bindings
    to your preferences (e.g., remove the <Btn1Down> entry
    - you wouldn't want to pop up the menu while pressing a
    mouse button in the scrollbar). Since the bindings are
    hierarchical, you can even clean up the duplicates a bit.
    Here's what I just changed mine to:

      GXditview.paned.translations: #augment \
              <Key>Next:      NextPage()\n\
              <Key>n:         NextPage()\n\
              <Key>space:     NextPage()\n\
              <Key>Return:    NextPage()\n\
              <Key>Prior:     PreviousPage()\n\
              <Key>p:         PreviousPage()\n\
              <Key>b:         PreviousPage()\n\
              <Key>BackSpace: PreviousPage()\n\
              <Key>Delete:    PreviousPage()\n\
              <Key>g:         SelectPage()\n\
              <Key>o:         OpenFile()\n\
              <Key>r:         Rerasterize()\n\
              <Key>q:         Quit()
      GXditview.paned.viewport.dvi.translations: #augment \
              <Btn1Down>:     XawPositionSimpleMenu(menu) MenuPopup(menu)
      GXditview.paned.label.translations: #augment \
              <Btn1Down>:     XawPositionSimpleMenu(menu) MenuPopup(menu)

 3. Load the new stuff into the resource database of the
    running X server with "xrdb -override".

Number 3 has to be done every time you restart the X server
(or you specify particular resources to gxditview with -xrm).
It is possible that you already have a personal X resource
file ".Xdefaults" that is automatically loaded by the login
procedure - you can put the stuff there instead.

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