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[Groff] html styles

From: Chuck Robey
Subject: [Groff] html styles
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 17:50:59 -0500
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I'm experimenting, trying to use STYLE attributes to allow for the various mm
macro indents.  They come in various units, but I note especially the "pt" which
is defined as "points".  Does anyone know how the html points relate to the
various groff measurements (especially the groff points)?

html uses "in" which is convenient.  I gotta experiment with unit conversion in
groff, maybe I can find a good writeup on it.

At this point, ML and VL work (basically) but the indents don't work well enough
yet.  List embedding works great.  I'm planning on doing only AL, BL, ML, VL,
LI, and LE.  Does anyone think that would be a major problem?  I mean, I could
figure out the others, but seeing as I've never used them personally, it's going
to take me a lot more time.

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