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Re: [Groff] New tbl warnings in CVS version

From: Denis M. Wilson
Subject: Re: [Groff] New tbl warnings in CVS version
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 16:19:27 +0000
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warning: around line 35: table wider than line width
warning: around line 35: table squeezed horizontally to fit line length
warning: around line 367: table wider than line width
warning: around line 367: column separation set to zero

I've included a patch to include the file name in the warnings

Applied, with slight modifications, thanks.

and to an.tmac to source an-ext.tmac (as the EX/EE definitions
weren't getting called).

This is wrong.  `an-ext.tmac' is sourced by `an-old.tmac' (and
`an.tmac' eventually sources `an-old.tmac').  Maybe you are using a
wrong version of `an-old.tmac'?

Is there going to be any way to turn off these warnings?  They seem
to be a bit too eager to trip, IMO.

This is tricky.  The `-w' flags of groff have no influence on the
preprocessors, and the warning is written by tbl into the (expanded)
source file.  It is possible to extend tbl with a global option to
`silence' the created output, but honestly, I don't see much need for
it.  It *is* a typographic error if your table is either squeezed or
is sticking out to the right.  If it annoys you too much simply
redirect stderr to a file...

I was being silly, of course groff does not pass options to preprocessors.

What I was bothered with is the number of my legacy documents which now
give warnings. I believe wholeheartedly in warnings, but not retrospectively. Larry's `nowarn' solution is good, although it could
also be `warn' to be more backward compatible.

What is the mechanism for deciding what new features go into the groff
project? Is there a way for a mere user to be involved? is that even


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