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Re: [Groff] Hanging paragraphs in MM

From: Anton Shepelev
Subject: Re: [Groff] Hanging paragraphs in MM
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 15:11:50 +0400

Mike Bianchi:

> When I do need something special or "improved" then I make my own macro
> and carry it around with me.  I have my own MM macros that I
> have carried around for decades, going back to my days at Bell Labs.

  I  wonder, how do you 'deploy' your own MM macros?
  Just pick the ones you need and copy them  to  the
  beginning of your .mm file?

> I worked two floors up from the folks that created MM and was one of the
> earliest users.  (stories upon request)

  I sure would like to hear them!

> So if you don't want to use the  \  idea,
> by all means create something of your own. 

  I  can  manage  a  two-part  macro like .(MyPS and
  .)MyPS, so I could reset the indent upon exit. But
  I  don't know how to do it using only one macro. I
  probably have to 'subscribe' to  some  'call-back'
  macro  that gets called every time a paragraph (in
  groff's sense) ends. Does groff or MM have such  a

Thanks for your feedback,

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