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[Groff] d conditional and autovivification of macros

From: brian m. carlson
Subject: [Groff] d conditional and autovivification of macros
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 22:04:40 +0000
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I'm implementing a troff parser and am using groff as a tool for
comparison.  My implementation provides a request called "tenorsax".
When I run the following file in groff, I get the output "tenorsax

  .do tenorsax ext 1
  .de status
  .ie d\\$1 \\$1\timplemented
  .el \\$1\tmissing
  .status tenorsax

I've been using groff for several years and this behavior is unexpected;
it appears that groff is autovivifying the tenorsax request as some sort
of macro because of the do request.  It also conflicts with the
documentation, which doesn't mention that behavior.  The Heirloom troff
documentation doesn't mention that behavior either.  I do get the
expected result if I put an appropriate .rm statement after the .do.

I'm using Debian's groff 1.21-6.  Is this the way things are supposed to

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