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Re: Grub2 on Mac OS X

From: Antoine Terrienne
Subject: Re: Grub2 on Mac OS X
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 23:28:43 +0100
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Selon "Yoshinori K. Okuji" <address@hidden>:

> Is it hard to implement memalign using valloc? I don't know how it works on
> MacOSX.

Should be possible I'll take a look. But in most cases i found on the web malloc
is a good subtitute to memalign.

> Technically speaking, argp is superior. So, I prefer keeping it to throwing
> it
> away.

I agree argp is techically superior but adding a library in Grub2 mean keeping
it up-to-date with the mainstream distribution. This add a little anoyng work
just to add some functionalities that aren't used. If you really want to add it
I can do it but I'm not sure it is necessary.

> > I have some others questions about the powerpc part of Grub2. It seems
> > that many parts are just a copy of the i386. For exemple in the
> > conf/powerpc-ieee1275.rmk. grub_emu_sources refer to
> > commands/i386/pc/{reboot.c,halt.c,suspend.c}  but there exist somme
> > commands/ieee1275/{reboot.c,halt.c,suspend.c}. Is this normal ?
> Yes. There are good reasons. Take a look at the archive of this list.

Ok promise next time I will look before asking stupid question ;)

> Okuji

I found another glibc specific function : alloca. Used in cmain in
boot/powerpc/ieee1275/cmain.c. I repace it by declaring argv as an array of 64
elements : char *arg[64] (should be enouth ?). As the variables are allocated
in the stack just like alloca do it should work just the same.

I have another question about -DGRUB_UTIL. Can it be used to distinguish the
host compiled part and the build compiled part of grub ?
I have to handle types differenty in host and build as the build part doesn't
have stdlib.h. But this method fails on boot/powerpc/ieee1275/cmain.c that is
compiled with powerpc-elf-gcc (build) and the -DGRUB_UTIL flag.

Thanks for your answers

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