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Re: Grub2 on Mac OS X

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: Grub2 on Mac OS X
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 14:52:24 +0100
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Antoine Terrienne <address@hidden> writes:

> Ok so I guess we should change the getopt method used by grub-mkimage to argp
> too.

IMHO it should be changed for every utility in that case.  If no one
knows argp, I could do that when I have some time and some other
issues are solved.  That would be in some months, but it will be done.

> Oop sory I mean stdint.h
> Types like int32_t, uint32_t and intprt_t are defined from stdint.h

If that is used, you could replace int32_t by grub_uint32_t, etc.

> I try to send a new patch several times but it is too big for the mailing list
> size limit (100Kb) so I put it here :

Not including generated files will make the patch a lot smaller.  I
personally don't have problems with big patches on the mailinglist.
Having the patch in the email will make it a lot easier for me to
review the patch.

> And the mail I sent with it :
> Here is a new patch much cleaner (with -u).

Please use -p as well.  It will make reviewing the patch a *LOT*

> Everything compiles now but I didn't test It yet. In fact I don't know how to
> use and install grub2 on a drive. If you have and docs or info about 
> installing
> a binary to be open firmware bootable that could help me, thanks ;-)

First you have to compile GRUB 2.  After that you can use grub-mkimage
to create an ELF file that is loadable by open firmware.  Using
grub-mkimage you should specify the name of the output executable and
which modules should be included.  For testing you should at least include
apple.mod, ext2.mod, hfs.mod, ls.mod and normal.mod I think.

After that I just load it using "boot" or tftp.

> The compilation is OK but this patch is still ugly : I left the getopt. I add 
> a
> flag -DGRUB_HOST to make a distinction between the host and build parts. The
> GRUB_HOST flag is only used in some specific powerpc include directories so it
> shouldn't affect the i386 part. I also add a grub_machine_fini in
> kern/powerpc/ieee1275/init.c needed by kern/loader.c. Right now
> grub_machine_fini is empty but it should call for someting like
> grub_console_fini (not present in powerpc part) and grub_ofdisk_fini (not
> implemented). I left malloc as an alternative to memalign. As far as I look in
> the code memalign is used to align memory segment from elf files and every
> usual cases in elf segments fits in the 16 byte alignment. So it should work
> well for now waiting for a better implementation to support exotic segment
> alignments.

I thought GRUBOF was not used anymore, but I see you replaced it.  I
hope I can find some time to have a look at your patch soon, but
please understand if it will take a while.

> Compilation and installation are OK. I get grub-emu grub-mkimage and every
> modules in the share/grub/ directory and grub-mkimage can produce images. 
> Still
> need test and improvements but it seems to work.

Cool!  please check if your modification did not add any warnings or
so, we would like to keep GRUB quite clean.

A complete review has to follow... sorry...


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