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Re: Automatic backup with grub

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Automatic backup with grub
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:41:30 +0100

> On Thursday 27 Oct 2005 17:03, E Leibovich wrote:
> > As I'm planning to use it as a recovery console I
> > prefer loading linux won't be dependable of loading
> > windows, but that it'll be loaded on its on each week
> > or each 10 boots. It seems to me that grub requires a
> > very small patch in order to make partitionX loaded 10
> > times and then to go back to default - am I correct?
> No, you can use GRUB Legacy's savedefault command. See:
> That way requires 10 menu entries for booting Windows.

Hi! What have you done at the end?
Have you tried my solution (
grub/2005-10/msg00049.html ) or do you prefer the savedefault one (the one 
above here) because you do not depend on windows xp?


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