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Re: Requirements for Grub2 PPC install

From: jon
Subject: Re: Requirements for Grub2 PPC install
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 11:54:34 -0500 (EST)
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(This time with the correct subject.. I'm not used to going through
webmail at work.. Maybe I should have registered my other email address :)

>Did you use GRUB 2 CVS?


>> When I tried to boot against it, I saw the initial Grub welcome
message, but it immediately gave an error message.  I don't have the
error message to show as I've rebuilt the machine with extra partitions
>> time.  I can now try dedicating one for /boot and possibly one for grub
itself (running the grub-install seemed to insist on one).
>Right, the reason for that is that the firmware can't load from ext2 (or
whatever you use). So you need a HFS+ partition as /boot (assuming you
use an apple).

I'm still a little confused by this.  In Gentoo at least, yaboot does not
require a /boot partition, but it does require the apple bootstrap
partition.  This is created by using the 'b' command in mac-fdisk, which
creates an 800k HFS partition.  Once created, mkofboot is run to format
the bootstrap partition and copy the yaboot files to it.  This is the
location where I put the grubof.modules and grub.cfg files.

For grub to work, does this partition need to be larger and then mounted
as /boot in Linux?

Or do I need a separate /boot partition, but it must be an HFS partition?

Can I see your /etc/fstab and partition map?  It might be easier for me to
just duplicate what you have.  Once I get it working, I can figure out
exactly what the requirements are.  For what its worth, I'm setting this
up on a MacMini with 256MB.  Not sure if that should make a difference.

I did try setting up separate /boot and /boot/grub partitions, but didn't
think these needed to be HFS.  I assumed that once grub was running from
the bootstrap partition it was no longer neccessary to stay within HFS.

>> Alternatively, is there a description of the layout of the grub2 code
so I can follow the process myself to figure it out?  I'm a developer,
but I'm having some difficulty figuring out the organization as I poke
around. Would the documentation for grub legacy help?  Is there some
general information floating around that I haven't found yet?
>I will write something for the wiki this evening or tomorrow, if nothing
is there about the organisation of the code. Otherwise I'll point you to
>right documents.

Have you looked into this yet?  I was hoping to dig through the code
before sending this email :)  I feel like I'm doing something
fundamentally wrong and it might be easier just following the logic..



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