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Re: OF default catch on grub2 on 43p-260

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: OF default catch on grub2 on 43p-260
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 11:35:12 -0600
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On Tuesday 07 March 2006 14:29, Chris Abbey wrote:
> I just tried out grub2 on my ppc64 box, a 43p-260 using cvs as of 6 March. 
> 0 > setenv debug all  ok
> 0 > 0 > 0 > printenv debug
> debug                    all
>  ok

This part here won't work. GRUB doesn't look for an OF variable named 
"debug" (technically such a thing does not exist, according to IEEE1275), but 
rather a commandline argument. So you would do this:
        0 > boot debug=all
or even
        0 > boot floppy debug=all
... but in this particular case, the crash is very very early, and also we 
already got our helpful debugging message.

> 0 > boot Failed to claim heap at 0x4000, len 0x1fb000

This is telling us that GRUB attempted to claim some memory for its heap (at 
that address and that length), but some of it was already in use, so the 
request failed.

From the OF prompt, before you boot GRUB, could you do the following and send 
the output:
        0 > dev /address@hidden
        0 > .properties
In particular, the "available" property is the one I'm interested in. That 
will tell us what areas of memory are considered free...


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