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RE: Grub for ia64

From: Mao, Bibo
Subject: RE: Grub for ia64
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:50:24 +0800

It is reasonable to write a converter porting from 
util/i386/efi/grub-mkimage.c, I have one patch for x84_64, I am waiting for 
approval for FSF license. IA64 should be much complicated because IA64 
relocation type is hairy.


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>To: The development of GRUB 2
>Subject: Re: Grub for ia64
>Tristan Gingold <address@hidden> writes:
>>> You're telling me that EFI on your IA-64 system does not relocate the
>>> program before start executing it?  That sounds strange.
>> It does relocate EFI PEI images.  Unfortunatly there is no tools to create
>> EFI PEI objects on Linux.  The gnu efi tools are kludgy: they use standard
>> gcc and ld, create an ELF image and convert it to a PEI image.  But the
>> relocations are not converted, they are simply put into the data section.
>How hard would it be to write a converter ourselves, starting with

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