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grub 1.95-4 on mac intel mini

From: rob wilco
Subject: grub 1.95-4 on mac intel mini
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 23:02:29 +0200

Hello List,
I have difficulties booting linux only on my mini intel mac.
I am a bit confused with the installation process and can't diagnose exactly where the problem comes from.
I upgraded the mac mini firmware and installed boot camp. So now I guess grub can use the MBR emulation mode.
The disk is now partitioned with a /boot (ext2), a / (ext2) and a swap. Ultimately I would like to partition only / on lvm and a swap, and boot on lvm.
At the end of the debian installation, I install grub 0.97 which does not work on its own. But it is convenient to do this step anyway so that /boot/grub is created and especially the file
Then, I switch to a console, add the unstable respository to my package repository list and install grub2 (1.95-4) and refit on the system.
With gptsync from refit, I try to sync the gpt but I get a message saying there is no GTP found so no need to resync (!?)
Now with grub-probe I try "grub-probe -t fs", "grub-probe -t device" and "grub-probe -t drive" (verbose but no error, output seems OK to me)
Then I recreate a core.img: "grub-mkimage -o /boot/grub/core.img pc ext2 lvm _chain" and installs grub into the MBR with "grub-setup -r '(hd0,2)' '(hd0)'" (verbose but no error).
When I try to reboot, the mac mini displays the icon of a directory with a question mark without finding grub.
I you have any hints on what to do, check or try, I would be happy to read it.

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