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RE: GRUB 1.95 cannot read the ufs filesystem

From: Hitoshi Ozeki
Subject: RE: GRUB 1.95 cannot read the ufs filesystem
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 06:13:36 +0900


I wrote in the last:
        At second, However we have the filepath in 'const char* 
        path', The original code copies the filepath. It wastes 
        the processor time.
        If you think the use of pointers makes complex,
        I recommend to use array and index.

It doesn't only waste the processor time.

The original code uses a large amount of  auto-variable. It wastes the stack
When we exhaust the stack space,  we should expect the worst result.

GRUB is a bootloader, It does not support the virtual memory.

So we must stingy about the auto-variables.

 Hitoshi Ozeki

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