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Anyone using the new aout support?

From: walt
Subject: Anyone using the new aout support?
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 16:29:31 -0800
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I just built grub2 from cvs to try all of Bean's wonderful work
with BSD/UFS and aout.  I added no patches, and built on linux.

Everything seems to work very well indeed, except that the 'aout'
command is still not available to me at the grub2 shell prompt.
It just doesn't appear on the list of available commands when I
hit 'tab'.

Grub2 is very close to being ready for prime time on pc/x86, so
I'd like to find and fix this one little problem before I start
using it as my real boot program.

Can anyone confirm my result using plain vanilla grub2 from cvs?

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