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Re: summer of code 2008

From: Bean
Subject: Re: summer of code 2008
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 01:18:19 +0800


Thanks for the link. I've gone through all the posts in the thread, it
seems some important function is still not implemented, maybe i can
look into it when i have time.

btw, i have an idea about the iteration of grub objects. perhaps we
can add a new file system (proc), so that we can write the commands
like this:

for x in (proc)/modules/* ; do commands; done

Modules that export iterator can call a function like this:

register_procfs(name, func);

Also, about the local path, we can implement it using variable $pwd,
for example:



/aa -> (hd0,0)/aa
aa -> (hd0,0)/boot/aa


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