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Re: Windows boot

From: Viswesh S
Subject: Re: Windows boot
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 18:58:54 -0700 (PDT)

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From: Javier Martín <address@hidden>
To: The development of GRUB 2 <address@hidden>
Sent: Friday, 8 August, 2008 3:56:35 AM
Subject: Re: Windows boot

Hi again,

2008/8/7 Viswesh S <address@hidden>:
> Hi,
> I installed ubuntu in the same harddisk(hda) as windows.
> After installing ubuntu, using grub legacy, I was able to log in to windows,
> using the entries, rootnoverify and chainloader +1.
> But when I install grub2 and then modify the grub.cfg with the following,
> statements, it is not working, says ...A disk read error occurred ,Press
> Ctrl+Alt+Del .
> This is my grub.cfg
> menuentry "Windows" {
>    set root=(hd0,3)
>    chainloader +1
> }
> My windows file sytem is in NTFS and not vfat
> One more thing to check with is, the need of ntfs mod present as part of
> grub2.So where exactly that is getting used,though I have tried to load the
> module ntfs and ntfscomp in grub using insmod in grub menu,...but no
> positive results.
The FS only matters if you try to access files on the volume, but
chainloader just reads raw sectors from disk, so the FS module does
not matter: you could have an SFS partition for the sake of it and it
would work if the superblock was executable.
> What might be in grub2, which prevents windows to boot.
Hmm... you could try booting (hd1) instead of (hd1,1), i.e. Windows'
MBR instead of its boot sector directly. I'll be back in town tomorrow
night and then I'll be able to look at my own GRUB config file, but
Windows has always been a wild beast to master. For the record, my
tests were with Windows XP Home in an Athlon X2 and with Windows XP
x64 on an Athlon 64. Thus, I don't know if Intel CPUs triple-fault on
my code (improbable, because it runs on QEMU) or if Windows Vista
(which has a changed boot process) works with it.
Windows I am trying to boot is Windows Server 2003, but anyway that doesnt matter, as from legacy grub,I am able to boot.This makes it more interesting, as I feel we are missing some small intricacy in grub2 in this case.
Let me also have a look.

> Viswesh
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