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[PATCH] Support up to 256 SCSI disks on Linux

From: Colin Watson
Subject: [PATCH] Support up to 256 SCSI disks on Linux
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 16:35:09 +0000
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Linux's Documentation/devices.txt file says that up to 256 SCSI disks
are supported. GRUB currently only supports the first 16. Wikimedia
filed an Ubuntu bug report about this
(, so here's a patch to extend
this. (I really haven't been able to test this much at all beyond
compile-testing as I don't have a suitable system myself ...)

I suppose it might be nice to macroify the stuff in
grub_util_getdiskname, but TBH I'm not sure it would shorten it all that
much or make it much more readable, so I didn't bother.


Colin Watson                                       address@hidden

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