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Re: Parser

From: Kevin Lacquement
Subject: Re: Parser
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 09:43:10 -0700
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Marco Gerards wrote:
> Kevin Lacquement <address@hidden> writes:
>> Again looking at the script parser, I notices that it uses a
>> Yacc-generated parser, but a hand-written tokenizer. Is there a reason
>> that it doesn't use Lex?  Is it due to external dependencies, and if so,
>> is there a way to recreate these deps (library or whatever) within the
>> constraints of the bootloader?
> Right, and I really hate the handwritten parser.  It is easy to
> cleanly use bison.  Lex, OTOH, isn't easy and clean to use.  IIRC it
> depended on file IO, etc.  If you know a *clean* way to deal with
> this, I would favor it.  Making all kinds of dirty stubs is something
> I don't really like.

I've looked at flex (including its source), and it looks like the
standard library #includes are hardcoded in.  I'm going to look into
some alternatives to allow the lexer to be created cleanly without
adding too much of a burden to other developers in the way of project deps.

Alternatively, is there a clean, portable way to make the C compiler
think that the grub headers are actually the system headers?  Or
possibly to replace the system header calls in the generated C code?
(Using sed or something similar)

Sic non confunctus, non reficiat.

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