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Re: [Fwd: Re: Bug#495949: grub-common: grub-probe segfaults]

From: Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: Bug#495949: grub-common: grub-probe segfaults]
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 23:17:08 +0200

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 10:56 PM, Pavel Roskin<address@hidden> wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 22:37 +0200, Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko wrote:
>> Actualy I already fixed this in my patch for installing on
>> partitionless devices. Since there were no oppositions I'll commit it
> OK, go ahead.  I just realized that your patch is a subset of my patch,
> so it would be fair if you apply your part under your name.
I'm not that credit-seeker. I comitted my patch before I saw your
message and the goal was to avoid work duplication
>  Just please
> use a better description in the ChangeLog.
> --
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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