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grub_prefix seems wrong for separate /boot partition

From: Christoph Mathys
Subject: grub_prefix seems wrong for separate /boot partition
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 23:29:56 +0200
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Not sure if I've come to the right place, but here is my story:

Yesterday, my package manager (deb on testing) decided that the time has come to switch to grub 1.97~beta3. Well, afterwards my system did not boot anymore, it was stuck in the grub shell, no menu or anything. It works again now and I quiet like the new grub shell (well, scrolling was horribly slow).

Anyway, my /boot-directory is on its own partition, which is only mounted if I need to change something there. Now, one of the problems why the update did not work was that I forgot to mount /boot and grub could not find the kernels (my fault).

After I've learned how to boot my system again and mounted /boot, grub found the kernels. However, grub_prefix seems to be wrong, pointing to /boot/grub instead of just /grub. I did not find a better way to fix it than changing the variable in grub-install. After changing grub_prefix to /grub and rerunning grub-install /dev/hda, everything is fine now.

Maybe grub_prefix should be setable on the command line of grub-install? Or some other bad mistake on my part because of scoping the amount of documentation I read using google?


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