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Re: powerpc/sparc problems

From: David Miller
Subject: Re: powerpc/sparc problems
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 05:44:40 -0700 (PDT)

From: Pavel Roskin <address@hidden>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 18:41:41 -0400

> This makes me think that checks for __bswapsi2 and  __bswapdi2 will fail
> on Sparc64, even if those functions are present and even if
> --disable-werror is used.

They worked perfectly fine for me on a real system with
a real compiler and glibc.

If you're going to use cross compilation to test, use
a full cross toolset and glibc build not some hacked
up uclibc thing.

I also believe that even if it still fails for you,
native building is more important to work than cross
building situations.

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