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Re: Request: hdparm module with -X <transfer mode>

From: Nando
Subject: Re: Request: hdparm module with -X <transfer mode>
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 12:24:11 +1100

Hi Christian,

It's great to have hdparm output added. Another fixup that would be needed would be setting the ATAPI cable mode to be 80pin, rather than the slower 40pin. Users who add hard drives in place of PATA optical drives are liked affected. Eg:  (HP 2510P / optical drive caddy) (Dell XT / not sure why)


On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 11:17 PM, Christian Franke <address@hidden> wrote:
Nando wrote:
> I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a hdparm module as part of
> grub2. So I tried the -X
> parameter as is provided by the linux command line finding it
> isn't implemented. eg:
> # hdparm -X udma5 /dev/sda
> Can the development team consider adding this feature? A number of
> ppl's bios is incorrectly setting interfaces to UDMA2/MDMA2,
> particularly on pata optical drive interfaces which users are using a
> 2.5" HDDs instead via an optical bay caddy. The workaround being to
> wait for a (slow) Linux/Windows boot and then typing the above
> commandline. Doing this at the grub2 bootloader level being more
> preferable.

OK, added to my local TODO list :-)

Please note that GRUB hdparm does only work in conjunction with the
ata+ata_pthru modules because a PC BIOS does not provide any ATA
pass-through functionality. A 'hdparm -X' would only help if the actual
boot works with ata.mod instead of biosdisk.mod.

Christian Franke

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