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Re: Trouble booting from a large USB hard drive

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: Trouble booting from a large USB hard drive
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 19:47:14 -0500
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Colin Watson wrote:
Unfortunately, I rather suspect that the very problem being addressed
there means that we won't be able to implement your idea automatically.

Me too, but for this reason:

putting /boot near the beginning will be normal partitioner stuff, but this person's reason for caring about the partition order is that he knows which partition he wants to be mounted by Windows, and that's "#1".

Which is an idea that could be implemented in a GUI, given the right libraries, (potentially though, if there's a different current partition-#1, at the expense of anything that refers to *that* partition by number) (and it might be too hacky an idea, i.e. being Windows-related and all, for gnu/linux developers to want to support so cleanly anyway)

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