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Re: Full documentation for GRUB2

From: Bruce Dubbs
Subject: Re: Full documentation for GRUB2
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 20:57:59 -0500
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Leslie Rhorer wrote:

        I sympathize, but only to a point.  No matter how dreary or how
daunting the volume of work, it is essential it be done.

I agree. I looked into helping do some of the documentation, but found that I just did not know enough of the internals to properly do it.

        I think a good example of this is the sort order of the items in the
boot list.  Under GRUB legacy, editing the menu list order was quite simple.
I did some significant searching to try to find a way to do this with GRUB
2, but as far as I was able to determine, there is no way to do it.

There is a way. Use emacs or vim. There is nothing that demands you use grub-mkconfig. It is fine for someone who uses a distribution and knows very little about the internals, but in my opinion, it just gets in the way of knowledgeable users.

I'd like to contribute examples that I found to the grub docs, but the
manual gives no hint how to do so... ;-)
Send patches against docs/grub.texi in GRUB trunk.  If that's too hard,
send plain-text suggestions and somebody can deal with marking them up.

        Well, I might also like to contribute in some way, but speaking for
myself, I don't even know where to start.  Knowing where and how to submit
documentation is not really the starting point.  First one must know what
GRUB can do and how one can make it do it.  For those of us who did not
develop GRUB 2, it's rather a chicken and egg problem.

I agree. About the only was is to study the source and look at other (e.g. Multiboot) documentation. Unfortunately the source is really hard for a newbie to follow. You really have to understand the intricacies of a lot of different systems. I understand what's needed for the PC for DOS and Linux, but get lost in all the other file systems and BIOS issues.

  -- Bruce

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