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CVS gsasl/doc

From: gsasl-commit
Subject: CVS gsasl/doc
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 22:32:30 +0200

Update of /home/cvs/gsasl/doc
In directory dopio:/tmp/cvs-serv2928

Modified Files:
Log Message:

--- /home/cvs/gsasl/doc/gsasl.texi      2004/10/12 20:23:57     1.82
+++ /home/cvs/gsasl/doc/gsasl.texi      2004/10/12 20:32:29     1.83
@@ -1089,7 +1089,8 @@
 an authorization identity, a special PIN or passcode, a realm, a
 hostname, a service name, or an anonymous identifier.  Querying the
 user for all that information, without knowing exactly which of it is
-really needed is bad user design.
+really needed will result in a poor user interface.  The user should
+not have to input private information, if it isn't required.
 The approach is a bad idea for another reason.  What if the server
 abort the authentication process?  Then your application have already

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