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guile/guile-core BUGS

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile/guile-core BUGS
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:39:57 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    guile
Branch:         branch_release-1-6
Changes by:     Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden>       01/10/25 12:39:57

Modified files:
        guile-core     : BUGS 

Log message:
        Expand on file format description.
        (1): Update "fixed" field.
        (2, 3): New.


Index: guile/guile-core/BUGS
diff -u guile/guile-core/BUGS:1.1 guile/guile-core/BUGS:1.2
--- guile/guile-core/BUGS:1.1   Sun Sep 30 18:29:56 2001
+++ guile/guile-core/BUGS       Thu Oct 25 12:38:46 2001
@@ -3,28 +3,62 @@
 This file contains bugs we haven't fixed yet, and some we have.
 The format is very simple (one bug per page):
-reported-by: SOMEONE / DATE
-fixed: DATE (for guile VERSION)
+#   line                                  regexp
+1   bug NUMBER -- ONE-LINE-DESCRIPTION    ^bug ([0-9]+) -- (.+)$
+2   reported-by: SOMEONE / DATE                   ^reported-by: ([^/]) */ 
+3   fixed: DATE (for guile VERSION)       ^fixed: (.+) .for guile (.+).$
+DATE is formatted YYY-MM-DD, or "not-yet".  Line numbering is zero-origin;
+line 0 is empty (newline always follows newpage (recognizable w/ "\f\n")).
+The suggested regexps can be used in a line-oriented parser.
 bug 0 -- no BUGS file
 reported-by: ttn / 2001-09-25
 fixed: 2001-09-30 (1.5.x, 1.7.x)
-all bugs are good bugs!
+bugs are good.
 bug 1 -- (debug-disable 'debug) has no effect if first form in ~/.guile
 reported-by: address@hidden / 2001-08-31
+fixed: not-yet
-buggy behavior confirmed on both 1.5.x and 1.7.x (ttn).
+ttn sez:
+buggy behavior confirmed on both 1.5.x and 1.7.x.
 on the other hand, when second or later, the expected effect (disabling use of
 debugging evaluator) seems to be reflected when viewing the debug options.  it
 could be that the bug is in display and not the actual setting.
+bug 2 -- documentation mirroring not complete
+reported-by: address@hidden / 2001-08
+fixed: not-yet
+ttn sez:
+uncollated mirroring is already available:
+bug 3 -- design decisions not recorded
+reported-by: address@hidden / 2001-08
+fixed: not-yet
+changes are made w/ little documentation on their motivation, design and
+consequences.  past initiatives and current maintainer discipline to support
+them need shoring up.
+ttn sez:
+someone also mentioned that process and product are orthogonal; nastiness can
+result in/from either, and for different reasons.  i tend to believe this up
+until a certain point, when the process becomes self-aware and includes its own
+improvement in its considerations.  then, hopefully it becomes light.
+to change people is difficult, but that's why we have guile...
 [BUGS ends here]

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