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From: Erno Rardin
Subject: Re: PHAtihRMACY
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 01:28:30 -0400

A p M k B x I c E t N m
C j I d A x L m I i S a
X z A i N o A p X l
M g E e R k I s D b I e A t
S c O l M v A t
V c I b A w G o R e A y
V j A n L d I d U n M l
S w A q V v E s a O u V o E o R r i 7 e 0 l % p c W c I y T d H k d O n U l R t b S w H g O j P x ! j

The old Frenchman stared at Jason with amused rheumy eyes and laughed softly. You are such a transparent contradiction. Jason Bourne would never have said what you just did. He would have remained silent, accepting my proposition without comment but knowing the advantage. Mrs. Webbs husband, however, must have a voice. He objects and must be heard. Fontaine suddenly spoke sharply. Get rid of him, Monsieur

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