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Weird stuff with define*

From: Jorgen 'forcer' Schaefer
Subject: Weird stuff with define*
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 01:35:39 +0200

Hi there!
I just noticed a few funny things with define* from (ice-9

guile> (define* (foo #:optional bar #:key baz)
  (cons bar baz))
guile> (foo 'bar #:baz 'baz)
(bar . baz)
guile> (foo #:baz 'baz 'bar)
(#:baz . #<undefined>)

guile> (define* (foo #:key bar #:rest baz)
  (list bar baz))
guile> (foo #:bar 'bar 'the 'rest)
(bar (#:bar bar the rest))

Is this wanted behavior, or a bug?
     -- forcer

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