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Re: Guile uses GNU MP

From: Jim Blandy
Subject: Re: Guile uses GNU MP
Date: 25 Sep 2000 11:00:57 -0500

> > It's important to note, however, that GMP is strict GPL, not
> > GPL-with-exception, like the rest of Guile.  If we make Guile
> I think that was changed a long time ago.  Currently, the web page, which
> is quite up to date, holds the following statement:
>   GMP is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. For more
>   information about the GNU project, please see the official GNU web site. 
> > GMP is way cool.  I really wish we could use it.  But just dropping it
> > in immediately is not a good approach.
> Agreed, but at least the license seems not to be an issue.

Ah!  This is good news.  I am behind the times.

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