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Re: Guile compilation (getting started playing around)

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: Guile compilation (getting started playing around)
Date: 06 May 2001 15:17:01 -0500
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Marius Vollmer <address@hidden> writes:

> Rob Browning <address@hidden> writes:
> > For example, at first I was presuming that wrt macros, in the long run
> > the hobbit-translator should never even see them, that they should be
> > expanded completely while generating primitive-rep, but will that
> > actually work?
> I think so.  Why not?

Dunno :> Just figured there might be problems I hadn't thought of
since I'm just getting started thinking about the implications.

> It will lead to errors when *debugging?* is not defined at compile
> time when the macro transformer is executed.

So I guess the only rule here is (which I guess is kinda obvious) that
any variables that are referenced by code inside a define-macro,
defmacro, etc. are going to have to be available at compile-time, but
need not necessarily be available at run-time.

I'm wondering if we'll care about having the ability to define either
compile-time-only or run-time-only variables, though perhaps the
eval-case and eval-when constructs address that.

> We already have this. ;) There is `eval-case' and, in (ice-9 syncase),
> `eval-when'.  They don't recognize `compile-toplevel' yet, of course.
> > I tend to think that whatever solution we choose, being explict rather
> > than trying to devise a clever DWIM system is often best.
> Yep, exactly my opinion.

I'll start playing around once I hear back about the hobbit


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