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Re: Problem building guile 1.4

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: Problem building guile 1.4
Date: 01 Jul 2001 22:28:25 +0200
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Andrew Koenig <address@hidden> writes:

> Marius> [...]  Do you have a suggestion?
> Sure:

Thanks!  I changed it a bit.  Do you think it's still OK?

    Guile can use a number of external packages such as `readline'
    when they are available.  Guile expects to be able to find these
    packages in the default compiler setup, it does not try to make
    any special arrangements itself.  For example, for the `readline'
    package, Guile expects to be able to find the include file
    <readline/readline.h>, without passing any special `-I' options to
    the compiler.

    If you installed an external package, and you used the --prefix
    installation option to install it somewhere else than /usr/local,
    you must arrange for your compiler to find it by default.  If that
    compiler is gcc, one convenient way of making such arrangements is
    to use the --with-local-prefix option during installation, naming
    the same directory as you used in the --prefix option of the
    package.  In particular, it is not good enough to use the same
    --prefix option when you install gcc and the package; you need to
    use the --with-local-prefix option as well.  See the gcc
    documentation for more details.

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