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Bug in getopt-long?

From: Daniel Skarda
Subject: Bug in getopt-long?
Date: 28 Jul 2001 18:32:07 +0000
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  I found that I quite do not understand getopt-long - or to be exact -
`predicate' in getopt-long specification. Imagine this code: 

  (define (test1 . args)
    (getopt-long  args
      `((test   (value #t) (predicate ,(lambda (x) (string-match "^[0-9]+$" 

  (define (test2 . args)
    (getopt-long  args
      `((test   (value #t)))))

  (test1 "foo" "bar" "--test=123")

     -=> '((() "bar") (test . "123")             

  (test1 "foo" "bar" "--test=foo")

     [error] option predicate failed: test

  (test2 "foo" "bar" "--test=foo")

     -=> '((() "bar") (test . "foo"))

  (test2 "foo" "bar")

     -=> '(() "bar"))

  (test1 "foo" "bar")

     [error] option predicate failed: test              !!! HUH !!!
  Huh! It looks like that presence of `predicate' implies that argument is
required. I have not studied (ice-9 getopt-long) module sources but this
strange behaviour is not documented (not even expected :-)

  IMHO there should be (getopt-long.scm:339) ...

(define make-user-predicate
  (lambda (pred)
    (lambda (spec)
      (let ((val (option-spec->value spec)))
        (if (and val (not (pred val)))
             (error "option predicate failed:" (option-spec->name spec))

   ... but I am not sure - I do not know what author had in the mind (hope he
read these lines :)


ps: few hours after discovering above bug I found another:

  (define (test3 . args)
    (getopt-long args
        '((foo          (value optional)        (single-char #\f))

   (test3 "prg" "--foo" "fooval" "--bar")

       -=> ((()) (bar . #t) (foo . "fooval"))           ; OK

   (test3 "prg" "-f" "fooval"  "--bar")

       -=> ((()) (bar . #t) (foo . "fooval"))           ; OK

   (test3 "prg" "-f"  "--bar")         

       -=> ((()) (bar . #t) (foo . #t)                  ; OK

   (test3 "prg" "--foo"  "--bar")        

       -=> ((()) (foo . "--bar"))                       ; HUH??? - BUG ??
    (test3 "prg"  "--bar" "-f")   

       -=> ((()) (foo . #t) (bar . #t))                 ; OK

   (test3 "prg"  "--bar" "--foo")

       [error] Not enough options                       ; HUH??? Value is 

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