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From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: SCM_CALL_N
Date: 29 Jul 2001 16:05:47 -0500
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 (This mail is fairly old, but I just learned that I've been having
  intermittent outgoing mail failures, so I'm re-sending those bits
  that I could track down and that "should have gone out".  FWIW
  postdrop is having trouble when asked to use a non-world-writable
  maildrop -- the Debian maintainer and I are trying to track it

Keisuke Nishida <address@hidden> writes:

> Looks nice.  Okay, how many functions do we want?  In libguile,
> the following number of macros (+ a function) are used:
>   SCM_LIST0:    0
>   SCM_LIST1:   79
>   SCM_LIST2:   41
>   SCM_LIST3:   39
>   SCM_LIST4:    8
>   SCM_LIST5:    6
>   SCM_LIST6:    0
>   SCM_LIST7:    0
>   SCM_LIST8:    0
>   SCM_LIST9:    0
>   scm_listify:  6
> Do we want scm_list_0 to scm_list_9 anyway?

I'm not even sure we need anything more than scm_list_5.  For
situations with more args, we can provide scm_list_n.

Rob Browning
rlb,, and
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