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Re: [patch] i18n, l10n, gettext and something more

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: [patch] i18n, l10n, gettext and something more
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 04:13:50 -0700

   From: Daniel Skarda <address@hidden>
   Date: 29 Jul 2001 23:03:51 +0000

        1) it does not record exact position of strings 

        3) it discards comments (surprising, is not it? :-)

have you looked at scripts/read-scheme-source?  it also handles comments
and records "source position".  perhaps there is some factoring
potential here.  (see also ttn-pers-scheme/bin/snarf-docs which uses
this module.)

      - Second improvement is stolen (oops! ^H^H^H^H^H^H :) borrowed
        from TeX - introduce something like catcodes.

i believe this is akin to emacs "syntax tables", q.v.

     * My guile-core/scripts/xgettext implementation try to mimic most
       of features found in xgettext from GNU gettext package.

i'm glad to see more "executable modules"!

     * Argument parsing is affected by getopt-long bugs I reported
       earlier today.

we'll get this fixed soon.  please see other mail and feel free to send
more test cases to add to getopt-long.test.

     * (post 1.6 ?) localize all messages in libguile/*.c and

i think there is some implicit dependency on regularizing error messages
(in english) in the first place.  to me this indicates the work should
go into 1.8.

     * Even thought I tried really hard to release polished code, it is
       possible that I left many rough/untested/buggy lines in my code.
       Please let me know if something does not work for you.

probably best way to convince yourself (and everyone else) of the
quality of the code is to write some torturous tests to add to the
test-suite/tests directory.  also, documentation is a good way to
introduce^Wfind discrepencies...

     * I know about CVS branches, feature freeze etc. But patch is
       clean, (afaik) does not break anything (infix module can be
       marked as experimental) and i18n/l10n features can be quite

       Could it be included in this stable release?

my adventurous side says yes (if there are some tests/documentation to
go w/ the code), but i am no i18n/l10n expert.  more importantly, have
you done the necessary paperwork to include such a large patch into
guile?  my local mailing list archives only go back to 2000JAN and a
quick "grep -C Skarda" doesn't show anything relevant...

    Oops, I almost forgot :-)

    Just place new files/dirs into guile-core and apply guile.patch to
    old files...

i've looked at the tarball contents and now my gray-haired side says,
maybe 1.8 is the best place for this.  by then, we will have had time to
develop proper tests/docs, hammer out parser modularization issues, and
take care of paperwork (which may already be done, if so, i stand


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