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design goals

From: Tom Lord
Subject: design goals
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 18:22:19 -0700 (PDT)

I have to slow down now to reply to a bunch of recent messages.
But one last word before I disappear for a while.  

This is a list of important features I'm looking for in Guile
or another implementation:

        * GPL or a compatible source license
        * FDL or a compatible documentation license
        * exact GC, optionally real-time
        * weak references, at least weak hash tables
        * cons-pairs occupy precisely two pointer-sized words of
        * multiple top-levels (modules)
        * eval of a list constructed at run-time is fast
        * call/cc is fast
        * shared substrings are provided
        * support for all of unicode is provided
        * all number types are provided
        * it is easy to add new features
        * an ahead-of-time native compiler is available
        * an ahead-of-time compiler to a portable fast-loading 
          format is available
        * multi-processed threading is supported
        * competitive performance and lots of testing

There's some other stuff not on that list, but I think that's
a pretty good list of goals for the core Scheme implementation.


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